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If It Isn’t Broken, You Can’t Fix It

Last night, an old thought pattern I’d thought had long gone dormant was triggered by an innocuous little post on Instagram. The person posting was joyfully sharing a success, which is of course a totally normal and completely acceptable thing to do on social media. Yet something about seeing this particular post just before I went to bed sent me into a tailspin. (As…

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The Blessing and Curse of Not Having an Office

This week I couldn’t settle into my work to save my life. I was a sundress-clad, laptop-toting nomad, rambling from one spot to another, searching for that perfect vibe that would unleash my productivity, yet utterly unable to find it. Not having an office is both the blessing and curse of my particular breed of entrepreneurship.   Oh, I have…

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Dear Mom: How About An Apprentice This Summer?

As school ends and another summer break begins, with its roughly 80 sun-soaked days stretching out ahead of us, are you feeling a little anxious and wondering why? Well, here’s why. Summer is supposed to be the best time of the year. The anticipation as been building for months. And now you’re in charge of making the magic happen. Eek. Frankly, I…

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