February 2015 | Cherylanne Skolnicki

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Will you miss your calling?

My calling didn’t show up the way I expected it to. There was no flash of lightning or burst of insight, and yet its arrival was unmistakable. This calling was crystal clear. In fact, it came yesterday afternoon via a buzzing cell phone with my mother on the other end of the line and my four year…

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Who are you when you are most yourself?

Craft stores are like a foreign country to me. They’re wildly interesting to visit, and I’m captivated by the endless treasures their aisles hold, but while there, I am a stranger in a strange land. This week, I made a forced expedition to Joann Fabrics to buy sewing notions for a project my 10-year-old has to…

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In The Meantime

I hate waiting. My desire to efficiently fill every open moment with a productive activity makes me twitch when I’m confronted with unexpected downtime. I just can’t stand the inefficiency of sitting there and doing nothing! As a result, I’ve all but perfected the art of allocating my ever-present to-do list into slivers of time so…

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Parenting on Holy Ground

Sometimes I am certain that God gave me children so that I could hear His voice come through in my interactions with them. I can’t begin to tell you how often this scene plays out. I will be explaining something to one of my children – soothing one, encouraging another, teaching the third – and suddenly realize that the message…

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