July 2014 | Cherylanne Skolnicki

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Grace and Humility

I took a great yoga class night that got me thinking about the mind-body connection in a whole new way. The instructor kept asking us, “What would it look like in your body if you fully opened yourself to grace and humility?” That’s a pretty good question when you’re twisted into a pretzel and trying to…

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What are your Big Rocks?

On this anniversary of Stephen Covey’s death, thought I’d repost this homage… Stephen Covey died today. He was the author of the highly acclaimed “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” as well as “First Things First” and many other motivational books. If you carried around a daily planner before the days of the smartphone, chances…

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Be a beginner

Being a beginner is humbling. It’s uncomfortable. Awkward. Humiliating even. Especially when my beginner-ness is being flaunted in public. I avoid it like the plague. Always have. Listen, there are plenty of things I’m not good at, but they are generally things I can just avoid. For example, I’m not good at drawing, singing, or…

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Be Gentle With Yourself

I didn’t really mean to take a month long break from blogging. I was aware of it, but I can’t say I meant to do it. I had a big project that got in my way. And then I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to write about that seemed worthy of your attention. And then…

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