I wanted to thank you again for your time last week. That hour was truly transformative for me and I’m grateful! In this past week, I’ve devoured your videos on time management and getting a handle on your calendar. It has made a big difference for me. Things are getting done and I’m not feeling overwhelmed. Most importantly, though, you said something to me in our conversation that resonated profoundly with me. You mentioned that I was focused on worse-case scenarios rather than best. That one little statement was a game changer for me to shift the lens through which I have viewed my future. I’m feeling this awareness in my thinking and it’s powerful. I hope you don’t mind that your voice has become my internal guide that is virtually keeping me on track. I know how much I am going to benefit when I can hear it for real (and with your actual words, not my brain translating what it wishes/ thinks it should hear).