Francie Engel, Bend, OR

My experience using Cherylanne as a business coach was a great gift to myself. I am a mother and a wife and I struggled with spending the money on myself. I am glad I did for so many reasons.

I learned so much about what it takes to run a business. I was able to weigh out the facts and determine if this is what I really wanted to do. I learned what it takes to create balance between family and being a business owner. She helped to sort through the facts vs. the “feelings” I was having on touchy subjects. She showed me how to organize my day, week and month so that I always knew what to do next to keep my business growing. And last but not least, she taught me that whatever decision I made for myself was okay and to not compare myself to other business owners. We are all on a different journey and that looks different for all of us.

Cherylanne was always very prompt in getting back to me whether by email or a phone call. She has very good intuition and somehow knew exactly what I needed to hear in order to resolve what ever problem was in front of me.

She is a true professional and knows how to guide others in a direct yet gentle way. She is authentic, genuine and a wealth of knowledge. Anyone looking to improve themselves, their life or their business should look no farther.