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Jouett Brenzel, Kao NOW Education Committee

The members of the newly formed Kao Network of Women had expressed a strong interest in the subject of mentoring. So we were excited to have Cherylanne address the topic in her presentation “Mentorship for the Modern Workplace.” Cherylanne was spot on! She provided insight on why each of us needs multiple mentors—personally and professionally– […]

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Cherylanne Skolnicki, thank you. As a “too-busy” lady, exhausted by trying to keep my floundering ducks “looking good” (in an alleged row), your talk was “beyond” exactly what I needed to hear that day. You are inspirational — the confidence, vulnerability, and honesty of your talk made the room shine. I hope to find myself along […]

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Thank you for such a powerful session at the #GoizuetaENGAGE conference.  I walked away from today’s session feeling that not only was I armed with a new definition of success, but also that I had finally met someone who had created a career that I desired to model. If I am honest about my skills, I know, […]

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First of all, I want to say how much I really enjoyed your talk at our event this week.  In general, I do not belong to any women’s groups and do not like to set myself aside as being any different than any of my male counterparts; after all, I feel everyone has some sort of […]

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Cherylanne came and spoke to our North American Women in IT Organization and she was AMAZING! Definitely one of the BEST external speakers we have had in several years. The topic ‘Bridging the Confidence Gap with Courage’ was very well received with our women, regardless of years or level within our company. Everyone could relate […]

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Cherylanne is such an awesome speaker. She spoke to a group of moms who are all knee deep in the trenches of toddlerhood. Her ability to relate to us with compassion, sensitivity and enthusiasm was appreciated by all. She spoke about eating well and nutrition and the group was completely focused on her every word, […]

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I heard you speak at the Junior League of Cincinnati earlier this month and what you said really resonated with me. I felt so empowered after the session and ready to #BREAKTHROUGH! Thanks for picking me to be your volunteer. Simple words can be so life changing. Here’s to living a life of significance. Thanks […]

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Cherylanne presented to the Chamber’s WE Lead program — an audience of 54 executive women in a 10-month professional development program. These busy women want and need excellent speakers who provide information they can use. Cherylanne connected with the group, delivering on that and more. Below are some of the comments from the participants. Additionally, […]

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The Cincinnati Chamber’s “Wellness Committee” brought Cherylanne into the Chamber to kick off the new year with a postive approach! She spoke to our employees for approximately 30 minutes, and during that time, she had everyone’s attention and captivated the audience with her enthusiastic approach towards healthy living. Everyone was able to relate to what […]

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