Just say YES

“Just say no” has had it’s day in the sun. Remember the 1980’s anti-drug marketing campaign? It was ubiquitous when I was growing up and it certainly stuck with me. In fact, I possibly took it a bit too far and said no to lots of things where I could have (and maybe should have) said yes!

Saying no is safe. But it’s also limiting. And sometimes boring. So when it comes to building a life in which you can truly thrive, I propose you consider a new mantra – Just Say Yes!

Saying yes opens doors. It broadens your perspective,  builds connections, expands your horizons. Saying yes brings life in. There are times of course, for saying no. For putting boundaries in place and taking control of a situation. So say no when you must.

But for a moment today, look at your life and consider where you might just say yes! Yes to playing outside with the kids. Yes to having lunch with an old friend. Yes to accepting the volunteer position that will stretch you. Yes to donating to the charity that needs your dollars. Yes to the friend request you’re not sure you should accept. Yes to trying a workout you’ve never done before. Yes to the unexpected job opportunity. Yes to the neighbor’s dinner invitation. Yes to registering to run the 10K. Yes to the first date.

Saying yes requires energy in reserve. I’ve blogged about this before; it’s so important to set yourself up to be able to say yes. If you’re finding yourself saying no because you simply don’t have the energy to say yes, check out this post.

During yoga classes (here I go again), we routinely lie on our backs with our arms at our sides and our palms facing upward signaling to the universe that we are open to possibilities, welcoming them in.  Where can you strike this pose in your life? Just say yes.

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