February 2019 | Cherylanne Skolnicki

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Are you settling for a B+ life?

Any basketball fans in the house today? I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that we’d be talking about LeBron James today. Don’t worry, I actually know next to nothing about his stats on the basketball court, and am certainly not trying to turn into a sports commentator. What I really want to focus on today…

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Episode #70 – Are you settling for a B+ life?

Sure, your life is pretty good, but can it be better? What is preventing you from squeezing every ounce of opportunity and potential out of it? Life can be an infinite cascade of possibilities, so don’t settle for less than the best YOU can be. After listening to this episode, you’re going to be in…

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Episode #69 – The Best Cure for your Valentine’s Day Hangover

Did Valentine’s Day make you feel either utterly adored or deeply unlovable? That’s why it’s called a hangover – but not the kind where you drank too much the night before. Today we’re talking about an emotional hangover where you still feel the residue the following day. And in this episode, we’re going to be…

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The Cure for your Valentine’s Day Hangover

Well, HOW was your Valentine’s Day last week? Did your partner make you feel utterly adored by showering you with flowers and gifts? Or was the proverbial ball completely dropped, and it left you feeling deeply unloved and unseen? The pressure of this holiday each year can wreak havoc on relationships. It’s a game of…

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Episode #68 – Why You Need a Date Night with Yourself

Society pressures us into minimizing time alone. We worry about feeling lonely, seeming selfish, or looking like a loser if we’re rolling solo. But protecting time to do exactly what YOU want to do is darn near magical. Whether you’re married, dating, or single, you need time alone every now and then. Today I’m giving…

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