June 2018 | Cherylanne Skolnicki

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Are you in a Goldilocks job?

Feeling comfortable is usually a good thing. But becoming too comfortable and complacent can hold you back from growing and moving forward. As an ambitious woman striving to reach your highest potential, I can tell you from experience that you’ll never get there if your “porridge” is always “just right.” One of the most significant…

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What happens when you’re not uncomfortable ENOUGH?

Did you wake up this morning with a tiny pit in your stomach? A little dread for the week ahead? Nothing major, of course. You might have taken a few minutes to look over your work calendar for the week, assessed the days that are going to be “the bad ones,” and then assured yourself…

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Episode #34 – Want more confidence? Try this.

The inevitable ups and downs of life can really have an impact on our confidence; the trust (and faith) we have in ourselves and our abilities. It can affect how we think, how we act, and how we feel. Nearly ALL of the women I’ve advised have admitted they wanted more confidence. So today, we’re…

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Are you your worst critic?

Written by Brilliant Balance guest writer Shauna Van Bogart – speaker, content marketer, and communication specialist who is on a mission to remind women that taking care of themselves is a non-negotiable piece of the equation”. How do you talk to yourself? – Shauna Van Bogart 28 times. That’s how many times I spoke negatively about myself…

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Episode #33 – Progress is Not Linear

All of us go through setbacks as a normal part of life. How we react and respond to those setbacks will determine whether we stagnate… or we grow and develop. In today’s episode, you’re going to learn three simple strategies to make sure you really have control over your progress and you aren’t just reacting…

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