January 2015 | Cherylanne Skolnicki

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The Best Birthday Surprises

When I was a little girl, birthdays were all about surprises. I loved a good surprise more than anything, and lucky for me, I had parents who were masters at creating them. In one standout moment, the year I turned 10, my parents flew my recently-moved-best-friend home from Florida so she could celebrate with me.…

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Decisions, decisions

The other day I stood at the stove to heat up the kettle for tea. I have the best tea kettle ever thanks to my husband who found just the one I wanted at an estate sale. The joy I derive from the ritual of filling that kettle, listening to the water start to move…

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Give yourself the gift of time

I started this new year off with a bang! Well…at least in my head I did. I was so ready for January 1 to arrive so things could be swept clean, organized, and returned to normalcy after the blessed craziness of the holidays. I’m one of those people who loves to put up the Christmas…

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Drive The Dark Of Doubt Away

Another new year has dawned, and with it, the soft light of “it can be even better than this, darling” is shining upon you, coaxing you forward. You’re likely already scribbling resolutions on the backs of napkins and receipts, filling your cart with organizing bins and binders, planning retreats with yourself, and vowing to become…

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