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Are you getting enough me time?

If you’re ready to skip this article because the idea of “Me Time” sounds like an unrealistic fantasy within the demands of your life, stay with me for a second. Me time doesn’t have to be a five-day getaway to a luxury spa or even a two-day girls weekend in a fun city. Me time…

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My life as a sprinter

Back in the day, I ran marathons. And not just the 26.2 mile races on foot, though I did those, too. My LIFE was a marathon. I worked 10 or 12 hour days, enjoyed full-day shopping excursions at the mall, spent entire afternoons reading a book in a chair. I went for three-hour runs on…

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Just accept the compliment already

When someone tells you “You look terrific!” what is your conditioned response? Most of us have perfected the art of deflection when gifted with a genuine compliment. “Who, me?” or “This old thing?” or even “You must be blind!” How about when you do a fabulous job running an event or leading a project or…

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Whose goal is it, anyway?

This weekend as I was clearing out a drawer, I unearthed a treasure. It was a handwritten list of my life’s goals, circa 1998. When I found it, I stopped what I was doing, sat down in the middle of the room, and took a look at what I’d written. Reading the list took me…

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