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JUST ANNOUNCED: Brilliant Balance is going on a virtual speaking tour in 2021!

We only released 24 speaking dates on a first-come, first-served basis - the virtual doors are open. BOOK NOW!

Bring out their brilliance

Work-life coaching and training for organizations who put people first

Here’s how it works:

Work life balance, Organizations
Tell us where your organization needs help
Work life balance, Organizations
Choose the customized program that works for your organization
Work life balance, Organizations
Increase your workforce engagement and productivity
Virtual workshops

Host a virtual workshop or training series

Keep employees engaged, productive, and inspired with sessions tailored specifically to your needs.

We'll customize one of our topics (or create something totally new according to your needs) and deliver a two to three hour interactive workshop.


“Cherylanne was just GREAT! I related to a lot of what was presented. She was very open and had a "conversational" way of presenting that kept my interest — i.e. it wasn't like she was reading off of a notecard. Very enjoyable and good use of my time!”

- Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Potential Topics Include:
  • Let’s Be Brilliant: Leveraging Power, Productivity and Possibility to Reach Your Full Potential
  • Finding Your Way to a Future You Love - Because Success without Fulfillment is Failure
  • Balancing Back to School Brilliantly
  • Building a Balanced Business (Without Breaking Your Life)
  • Getting to Gratitude: How to Find and Keep the Mindset That Will Change Your Life
  • Finding Your Guide: Mentorship for the Modern Workplace
  • Winning the Modern Mom Trifecta (Work, Family, Self)
  • Being Brave: How Women Can Close the “Confidence Gap” with Courage
  • The Work From Home Playbook
Work life balance, Organizations
work-life coaching

Provide work-life coaching for your highest potential women

With our signature Breakthrough program, women build a personalized plan for their dream lives using the Brilliant Balance Blueprint so they can reclaim rock star status at work AND at home. Breakthrough is designed to improve mindsets, increase energy, scale up productivity, and help women feel a deep sense of fulfillment.

Keynote Speaking

Inspire employees at your next event with an energizing keynote

As an authority on work-life balance, finding your purpose, and achieving your full potential, Cherylanne shines as a speaker. She connects with audiences through moving stories and expert coaching techniques, and makes a lasting impact. Cherylanne takes care to understand the unique composition and needs of attendees, and balances well-researched information with real-world pragmatism.

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Highlights from a recent keynote

“Cherylanne was great! I love how engaging she was. She really gave a different and helpful perspective on work-life balance. Really motivating speaker with excellent articulation.”

- Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Work life balance, Organizations
ongoing training

Power up your women’s network

Support the women in your organization with ongoing training and work-life mentorship. Together with you, we'll select and deliver content that's most relevant and actionable for women today.


Topics Include:
  • Be a Leader when it comes to change
  • How to feel like you have it all in an overloaded life
  • Time management: what gets scheduled gets done
  • Learn the art of saying “no” gracefully
  • How to make peace with your inner critic
  • How to make faster, smarter decisions

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Work life balance, Organizations
Work life balance, Organizations
Work life balance, Organizations
Work life balance, Organizations
Work life balance, Organizations
Work life balance, Organizations
Work life balance, Organizations
Work life balance, Organizations
Work life balance, Organizations
Work life balance, Organizations
Work life balance, Organizations
Work life balance, Organizations

“The women we’ve sent through Brilliant Balance programs always say, “This is like nothing that we’ve ever done at work.” Brilliant Balance creates experiences that feel like a treat - whether through coaching or workshops or events. The team is relatable and authentic, and they deliver exceptional results.”

Jennifer Sorensen

Senior Business Transformation Leader, Vice President
US Bank

Work life balance, Organizations

“When one of our leaders finished a coaching program with Brilliant Balance, she recommended we leverage Cherylanne as a speaker at our women’s conference - she was fantastic. Her message on the 3 Ps of work-life balance was deeply resonant and highly actionable. A top-rated session.”

VP Sales

Fortune 50 food consumer products company

“Cherylanne delivered the gift of the Work from Home playbook to our organization at a time when we really needed a shot in the arm. There was a gap between how employees thought they were handling the situation (time, sleep, emotions) relating to Covid-19 isolation and what they were actually doing. Her messages included simple, actionable tips that we could replicate and clear steps to follow to attain the end goal of taking care of ourselves during these challenging times.”

HR Executive

Fortune 50 household products company

Work life balance, Organizations

Meet Victoria

Victoria Hardison-Sterry, Director of strategic accounts

[email protected]

As the Director of Strategic Accounts at Brilliant Balance, Victoria has a special passion for recognizing and enhancing the possibilities available for women across all stages of life. From young women just starting their career, to mothers, to women who are in the middle or later years of their career, Victoria works to elevate women to their highest potential.

Prior to joining Brilliant Balance, Victoria’s career included nearly two decades with the Walt Disney Company as well as multiple independent ventures. At Disney, Victoria recognized her calling to represent and work for a company she truly admired. She found her knack for sales and marketing and building long-term relationships with honesty—and a few magical moments sprinkled in along the way of course! She rose from managing guest services as a hotel employee to being a 4-time recipient of Disney’s highest sales award, the Platinum Circle.  

As a mother of two pre-teens, Victoria knows that balance, as well as focus and goal-setting, are key to not only defining individual success but achieving real happiness. She has a full life and her desire is to expand her world through her work at Brilliant Balance, travel, and quality time with her extended family and large network of friends and colleagues.

Victoria resides in Celebration, Florida, and is grateful for a home base with a strong sense of community and neighbors who help neighbors. Her home is the central gathering place complete with girls night on the front porch, kids in the pool in the back, friends in the guest room, her husband and son in the den cheering on the Green Bay Packers, and Victoria is in the kitchen, at the center of it all, putting to great use her rather extraordinary culinary skills.

A North Star principal in Victoria’s life is a quote from Audrey Hepburn: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”