Why you can never stick to your schedule

Often we structure our days as if we’re able to move systematically from meetings to appointments to activities, doing all the things and conquering a hefty to-do list along the way.

But reality often looks different: We’re late, have to shuffle around appointments because of meetings, calls and tasks balloon, and worst of all, we can’t figure out where all the time went.

The key to fixing this isn’t robot-like discipline, but becoming conscious of your relationship with time.

, Why you can never stick to your schedule

In today’s episode, you’ll learn how to do just that.

Show highlights include:

  • How to identify whether you’re “time-rigid” or “time-fluid”. (2:35)
  • Why American culture rewards time-rigidity—and how to thrive when you need more freedom. (6:00)
  • If you feel shut down by others often—it might not be your OR their fault. Here’s why this happens. (10:30)
  • The “connect the dots” method to get everything done when you can’t stick to a schedule. (12:40)

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