When to Say When: Decide when you’ve done enough for the day

Let’s face it – with all you have to juggle on a daily basis, stress is almost a badge of honor. But with all the energy you put into advancing your career, growing yourself, and being with your family, at some point you need to feel ok about taking time for yourself.

Confession time: I have a thing for calendars. And planners. And to do lists. If you give me a stolen 15 minutes, I’m probably going to use it to scribble out a list or a plan on the nearest flat surface or screen. You could rightfully call me a little obsessed.

But this thing for planning and scheduling isn’t a frivolous fascination. Rather, scheduling is a practice that is fundamental to my productivity.  It’s how I ensure that I am getting things done, on time, and on purpose.

And it’s also how I make sure I know when to quit working for the day.

In the famous words of Bob Goff,

“The battle for happiness begins on the pages of our calendars.”

Friends, getting our calendars aligned with our priorities is how we design lives that feel authentic and satisfying. Your calendar matters.

So let’s try this.

As you make your lists of activities and goals for this week, I encourage you to also build a schedule that honors the time you need to recharge. This is a practice I delve into with the women I coach, and it never fails to be transformative.

, When to Say When: Decide when you’ve done enough for the day

For example, if you’re going to commit to exercise this week, then put those workouts on your calendar in a specific time slot. If you want just 15 minutes each morning for meditation – commit to it in writing. Have you been dreaming of getting that precious 8 hours of sleep each night? You know what to do. Calendar it.

This sounds simple because it is. But understanding it and doing it are not the same.

When you take the time to plan out a week that honors YOU in addition to all the work you do for others, it is absolutely game-changing.

You know my mantra – What gets scheduled gets done.

In today’s episode, you’ll find out when you can be satisfied for the day and give yourself a healthy dose of “done”. Instead of juggling all your tasks, you’ll feel energized and allow yourself the rest you need to make the next day another amazing journey.

Show highlights include:

  • Why you shouldn’t try to not fall asleep at night (staying up late actually harms your productivity). (5:20)
  • How to put an end to the infinite stream of tasks and know exactly when you’ve earned your rest for the day. (6:10)
  • How to enjoy even the last hour of work and what to reward yourself with at the end of the day. (15:35)
  • Why you need to have a life outside of work even if you love what you do. (20:50)

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