What Your Need to be Liked is Costing You

Whether it’s in our careers, with friends or in our family: We all want to be liked by others.

And while feeling loved is awesome, being liked can drive us to prioritize others before getting our own needs met. We end up putting ourselves second and regret prioritizing someone else’s happiness over our own.

, What Your Need to be Liked is Costing You

If that sounds like you, this episode will help you realize the hidden costs of wanting to be liked—and then help you fix it.

If you implement what you learn in this episode, you’ll be happier because you’re getting your own needs met first. You’ll stop spending money you shouldn’t spend because you wanted to please a salesperson. And you’ll still be liked (maybe even more so).

Today’s episode is all about our need to be liked.

Show highlights include:

  • The two identities fighting in your head—and how to unite them both into one powerful personality. (5:15)
  • You want to serve others, but you also have to serve yourself… here’s when you should stop serving others and focus on yourself. (7:45)
  • How wanting to be liked can cost you financially (in your personal life AND in your job). (10:40)
  • How to be liked and get your needs met—both at the same time. (14:35)

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