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You’re a Hard Working Woman

and if you’re feeling the overwhelm between juggling the kids’ soccer games and making an impact in the office —

you’re in good company.

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Cherylanne Skolnicki

Founder of The Brilliant Balance Company

and host of a top-rated podcast

I'm the founder of Brilliant Balance, where we equip working mothers to reach their full potential...both at work and at home. I've coached hundreds of entrepreneurial and professional women on how to stop settling, get out of their own way, and finally go after their dreams. Since I host a top-rated podcast, I'm regularly asked to speak on stage about what it takes for high potential women to find balance.

But the truth is, as a married mom of three with a career I love, I know we want more than just balance...we want brilliance. If you're ready to have it all—a fulfilling career, a thriving family, and a strong sense of self - you're in exactly the right place. You ready? Let's be brilliant!

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