Staying on Track when “Life Happens” – with Allison Tibbs

We all want to be super productive and raise a thriving family. And we want to do it with plenty of time to focus on our own personal health and wellness, too.

But putting all of this into practice isn’t easy. In fact, most days it seems almost impossible to get everything done. And when life happens, what are the first things to go – maybe you ditch your morning workout so you can fit in a few errands? Or you might scrap that homemade dinner plan in favor of pizza delivery?

, Staying on Track when “Life Happens” – with Allison Tibbs

Today’s guest, Allison Tibbs, is a certified Personal Trainer & Healthy Lifestyle Coach who advocates for women to use fitness, nutrition, and self-care as a way to create more peace, joy, and balance in their lives. She helps women get fit and healthy and improve their overall quality of life – without spending hours in the gym or cooking three elaborate meals per day.

In today’s episode, Allison shares how she helps her clients and herself get healthier every day without sacrificing productivity!

Show highlights include:

  • Clues which help you find out what your true purpose is and center your life around it. (10:58)
  • How chasing perfection in your life harms you–and how to elevate your life to a new level instead. (20:23)
  • How 10-second habits can transform your life. (23:57)
  • Why delayed gratification isn’t always the key to becoming more successful–even if it has helped you achieve success before. (29:57)

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