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I have to say I have had the BEST week I can remember in a long time! I've accomplished a ton, felt so much more present with friends and family, and truly enjoyed play/rest time that I was able to set aside. I seem to be shedding that ever-present cloud that was lingering above me filled with all the things I should be doing but don't know how I'll ever do. I proved to myself that I could make some real changes."

~ Sue K. Breakthrough Alum

As moms and as caregivers, we often feel guilty for investing in ourselves because we feel like we're taking away from our family. But in order for us to become more effective for them, we have to invest in ourselves. We have to invest in taking care of ourselves and nourishing our own dreams and our own visions.

~ Alma R. Breakthrough Alum

What can Breakthrough do for You?

Real stories from real women who are becoming BRILLIANT BALANCED.

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Getting Started with Your Rebalancing Toolkit


As promised here is your

A collection of strategies designed to help you find an extra hour in your day to use for whatever you want. It includes the elements you'll need to assess your situation, and the training to help you redesign your week so you can feel like you have it all!


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Step #1 - Balance Assessment

Balance Assessment

There are three practices inherent in a balanced life, and when one of those is getting too much or not enough attention, we feel out of balance. Let's find out where you are. Are you contributing your time and talents to fulfilling work? Are you connecting with family, with friends, your tribe? Are you protecting time for yourself?

Go through the assessment now - it only takes a few minutes...then continue on.


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So how did it go?

Did you find that you're not giving enough attention to one of the practices?
That's your clue as to where you want to invest more time and energy, but HOW?

Glad you asked! Let's continue to the Time Study.

Step #2 - Time Study

Time Study

Next, take a week (or even just a few days) to track your time. You need to understand where all of your time is going before you can begin to figure out where you can get some time back.

I recommend tracking your time each day in 30 minute increments to get a clear picture. Once that's done, you can start to repurpose time to the areas that are underserved.

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Step #3 - Rebalancing Toolkit

Rebalancing Toolkit

This worksheet will help you learn three practical ways to find hours in the week that you can reclaim.

Remember, just reading this won't be enough, you'll need to implement.

Take one or more of these strategies and commit to putting it into practice this week!


No matter your dreams or obstacles,
you have the power to reclaim control and to design the life you've always wanted for yourself.

I certainly hope you found value in these resources.

I don't even want to think about where I might be if I hadn't done this program. I would be spinning my wheels, and I really wouldn't be doing anything. But there's no progress - no success - in sitting around and waiting for growth to happen.

~ Carolyn M. Breakthrough Alum

My breakthroughs are truly happening! Since joining the program, I have gotten a raise, my ministry is blowing right open, and my fear has subsided. I get goosebumps thinking about where my life is now.

~ Michelle G. Breakthrough Alum

What Are You Waiting For?

You can wish and dream forever...
hoping that someday
you have a balanced and purposeful life.
But it won't happen.
Not until you start taking ACTION.
Make this the day you say “YES” to yourself!

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