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Want to get your calendar under control?

Download our brilliant play-by-play approach to help you run your week instead of letting your week run you!

, Brilliant Balance Resources

Need help making a career move?

Download 3 Signs You're Ready for a Career Change to learn the crucial clues you can't ignore.

, Brilliant Balance Resources

Need help managing your energy?

Download Stop Feeling So Tired All The Time: 8 hacks for working women that really work!

, Brilliant Balance Resources

Want a few mini moments of peace?

Download our 5 Minute Meditation for Working Moms. It's simple, free, and it doesn't require any special equipment.


Our top-rated Brilliant Balance podcast reaches thousands of listeners every Tuesday. We discuss ideas, inspiration, and insight on balance, business, and getting it all done gracefully.

Watch our short, free, video training

In this video you'll learn:


  • How to rock your day instead of feeling exhausted all the time (no more 3 PM coffee run to get through the evening)
  • A 2-step approach to skyrocket your productivity for a sense of accomplishment each and every day (hint: this is not necessarily about cramming more in!)
  • Proven framework to see possibilities instead of limitations when making plans for your future so you naturally play bigger (oh HELLO dreams, remember me?!)

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In our private Brilliant Balance Facebook Group, you'll find a community of purpose-driven women and members of the Brilliant Balance team who are ready to support you as you power up your energy, boost your productivity, and explore what's truly possible when you're playing at your full potential.

Meet happy customers

Just like you, these women were looking for change. Just like you, these women had a bigger vision for themselves than what they were living. Just like you, these women were looking to unlock their full potential while sustaining balance. Whether you're seeking to find balance or to live out your purpose, or you're an entrepreneur looking to up-level your business, you've come to the right place!

"The people we've sent through Brilliant Balance programs always say, 'This is like nothing that we've ever done at work.' Brilliant Balance creates experiences that feel like a treat. The team is relatable & authentic, and they deliver exceptional results."

- Jennifer
Sr Business Transformation Leader Executive VP
US Bank

, Brilliant Balance Resources

"I was getting things done, but some of the them were just not in alignment with how I wanted to show up in my career. After working with Brilliant Balance, I'm setting boundaries & prioritizing the things that are important to me each & every day, because I know it's necessary in order for me to show up at my highest potential."

- Kellie

, Brilliant Balance Resources

"I was struggling to bid five-figure jobs - it was very uncomfortable for me. After working with Cherylanne, I'm securing multiple five-figure projects, even six-figure projects. I'm forecasting beyond a year & it's so much less stressful. I didn't realize how much my mindset and my own personal limiting beliefs were getting in my way."

- Jessi
Founder & Creative Director, Print & Pixel Creative

, Brilliant Balance Resources