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Give yourself the gift of time

By Cherylanne | January 12, 2015 |
, Podcast

I started this new year off with a bang! Well…at least in my head I did. I was so ready for January 1 to arrive so things could be swept clean, organized, and returned to normalcy after the blessed craziness of the holidays. I’m one of those people who loves to put up the Christmas…

Drive The Dark Of Doubt Away

By Cherylanne | January 5, 2015 |
, Podcast

Another new year has dawned, and with it, the soft light of “it can be even better than this, darling” is shining upon you, coaxing you forward. You’re likely already scribbling resolutions on the backs of napkins and receipts, filling your cart with organizing bins and binders, planning retreats with yourself, and vowing to become…

Merry and Bright

By Cherylanne | December 30, 2014 |
, Podcast

As we close the books on Christmas 2014, and turn our attention to the fresh start 2015 offers, I find myself wanting to hold onto the candlelit glow of the holidays just a little bit longer. When December dawned, with an early snowfall and a burst of Christmas cheer, I actually felt ready this year.…

A moment’s peace

By Cherylanne | December 15, 2014 |
, Podcast

The holidays are upon us, and I have one simple holiday wish for you this year. Amid the hustle and bustle of the next week or two, I pray you’ll find a few moments of quiet and calm in which to take in the blessings of this season. I wish you a moment’s peace. (If…

Picture Perfect… Or not

By Cherylanne | December 8, 2014 |
, Podcast

I received a Christmas card this week from a dear friend and the picture was so beautiful it literally stopped me in my tracks. She and her husband and their two gorgeous little girls were perfectly arranged on a blanket, smiling into the camera, with a fence and a host of trees in full autumn…

The Astonishing Power of Gratitude

By Cherylanne | November 17, 2014 |
, Podcast

How do you practice gratitude? I’ve given that a lot of thought lately, as I’m trying to teach our children that gratitude is the antidote to envy. As I was reflecting on the topic, I remembered this post I’d written a while back and thought I’d share it with you today. Here it is… You…

There Are No Do-overs

By Cherylanne | November 13, 2014 |
, Podcast

I learned this week that someone I went to Cornell with has been diagnosed with brain cancer. A forty year old otherwise healthy husband and father of three is now in a rehab hospital re-learning how to speak clearly and do other things we take for granted. Phil and I weren’t close friends, but we were…

Bouncing Back – Lessons in Resilience

By Cherylanne | October 23, 2014 |
, Podcast

Sometimes we have days that don’t go as planned. Sometimes we’re a little worse for the wear by the time evening arrives. I’m learning that the secret to getting to the next day with my spirit in tact involves a little resilience and a lot of grace. This quote hangs on my fridge: Finish each…

Books and Websites for Nutrition Tracks

By Cherylanne | October 6, 2014 |
, Podcast

Participants in my Thrive program may want to go deeper into the various nutrition tracks we teach. This page provides links to additional resources (both books and websites) that may be helpful for you. DASH Nutrition Track Books:           Websites: DASH Diet Online DASH For Health   Mediterranean Nutrition Track Books:…

Are you getting enough me time?

By Cherylanne | September 29, 2014 |
, Podcast

If you’re ready to skip this article because the idea of “Me Time” sounds like an unrealistic fantasy within the demands of your life, stay with me for a second. Me time doesn’t have to be a five-day getaway to a luxury spa or even a two-day girls weekend in a fun city. Me time…

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  • Aha moment!, Podcast
    July 18, 2021 by Atshepsut from United States

    I just learned something so simple yet brilliant - have a tolerance knowing the to do list isn’t going away. There will always be things on the list. It’s ok. Prioritize and live your life knowing the most important things are getting done, not everything. I wish someone had told me this 20 years ago.

  • Huge fan, Podcast
    May 29, 2021 by Jenny vineyard broker from United States

    Amazing! Brilliant balance has changed my life for the better in so many aspects.

  • A BRILLIANT podcast 😉, Podcast
    May 19, 2021 by HaleStarzz from United States

    I look forward to the Brilliant Balance Podcast every Tuesday because I know Cherylanne is going impart some nugget of wisdom on me that I so deeply need. The podcast topics are always relevant, relatable, timely, and filled with inspiration. Oh… and of course, they are always BRILLIANT! 😉 Highly recommend!