Nora's Breakthrough Story

"Life without the program would be 'abysmal,' and I would still be 'swirling in a drain of hopelessness' had I not enrolled."

I was laid up on a couch in apathy, disappointed in myself that I wasn’t doing anything. I wasn’t happy with myself being single, frustrated at work, and perpetually feeling like I was 9-years-old with my family.

During the strategy session, I learned that I DO have it in me to reach for exciting possibilities, which I didn’t see in myself. I was excited to get started but was faced with pressures about enrolling (why not use the money to pay off debt?), and I didn’t want my family to know I was in the program - I wanted them to see the changes in me without knowing how I had done it.

The mindset training was mammoth and life-changing for me. Previously, I had fallen into victim mindset and scarcity mentality, but now I see what’s possible; I see the opportunities. When I would wallow, I’d tell myself 'Cherylanne wouldn’t go for this!' Cherylanne trained me to go into agency mindset rather than victim mindset.

My overall mood is better, I am more positive, and I have discovered that I have the ability to incent change. I now have a dog, I took up paddleboarding (I love the water), I have reached out to meet more friends, and I have opened up to online dating.

The Facebook group gave me the support I needed, and it was a soft place to land. The women in the group would catch me looking in the rearview mirror and blaming myself; they picked me back up and made me realize that I needed to look ahead.


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, Nora

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