We know Moms deserve more than just ONE day to call our own, right? And while we so *love* and *appreciate* cold coffee and runny eggs in bed, once Sunday night rolls around, we’re back to doing the dishes and scrubbing crayon off the table from our *adorable* homemade cards.
Now don’t get us wrong, we cherish each and every Mother’s Day with our kids. Truly. But sometimes, all we really want is a little time to do whatever we want.
So on Monday night, once the Mother’s Day glow has worn off, we’re throwing a Mother’s Day After-Party! Bring a beverage, bring a friend, and get ready to laugh, chat, and raise a glass to us! The do-it-all-Moms who deserve to keep this party going a while longer.
There will be prizes, there will be music, there will be a motivational love letter from our founder Cherylanne Skolnicki, and most importantly, there will be other Moms just like you in the mix.


, Mother’s Day After-Party