Heather's Breakthrough | Cherylanne Skolnicki

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, Heather’s Breakthrough

Watch Heather tell of her story of transformation.

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Heather's Breakthrough

"After going through this process, I have a much greater sense of peace. I feel in control. Before everything felt like it was happening to me, and now I'm creating the life that I want and living it out with purpose and satisfaction."

On the outside it seemed like I had this perfect life... I have a great husband, I have a really great job, I have an amazing 5 year old son; but, even though that looks great on paper, it's really about what's on the inside.

On the inside, I felt like I was just kind of living my life and doing the tasks and the things that I was supposed to do, not really what I wanted to be doing. I felt very much like a victim to my schedule and my calendar. I was overwhelmed and struggled to make it through the week with no space to breathe and no time for myself.

Cherylanne has helped me to build these amazing practices into my life that are going to stay with me. I'm in control of my week and now have this ability to see into the future. I'm creating the space in a real clarity for the future that I didn't have before and can see my family and my business opportunities open up.

This is the first time I felt I really invested in myself holistically, personally, and professionally and have made changes that I know are going to last a lifetime.


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, Heather’s Breakthrough

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, Heather’s Breakthrough