Excessive Talking: How Talking Too Much Creates a False Sense of Security

Do you talk too much about your problems?

Bear with me on this question – because it came from an honest place of self-reflection.

When I have a problem, it feels really good and productive to share and get my thoughts out in the open.

I am certainly not accusing my fellow talkers (or myself) of a lack of listening skills, a tendency to ask too many questions, or excessive talking in general.

Talking a lot is just how I process – and it might be the same for you. I’ve always considered it to be a good thing. I mean, we know it’s not good to bottle up our feelings. And as Nat Turner said, “Good communication is the bridge from confusion to clarity.”

While that all may be true, there are also only so many hours in the day. And I don’t know about you, but mine are very full with a business, a husband and three children.

So I’ve started to think about this processing time more in terms of a time investment.

Because if we’re not careful, the time spent talking about our problems could actually take away from the available time to solve them.

When you think about it from that perspective, it begs the question – is talking a good thing?

While it’s important to pay attention to our feelings and to communicate them well to those around us – do we talk too much?

I want you to consider these questions:

When you do talk about your problems, do you pay attention to how it makes you feel?

Are you investing the appropriate amount of time putting your thoughts and ideas to action?

Do you find yourself listening only from those people who tend to validate you, or do you engage those who also challenge you?

, Excessive Talking: How Talking Too Much Creates a False Sense of Security

In today’s podcast episode, you’ll find out who you should actually be talking to, and when to stop talking altogether – so you can take action – and finally enable YOURSELF to solve the problem.

Show highlights include:

  • The key reasons sharing your problems can become dangerous and keep you from solving them. (5:10)
  • How to determine whether you’re sharing your problems with the right people. (6:40)
  • The question you need to answer in order to know whether you’re talking about your problems the right way. (12:00)
  • What to do when you don’t even know which questions to ask yourself anymore. (14:20)

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