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"The program helped give me accountability that self-study couldn’t. I was given real feedback and was impressed with how genuine the commitment process was. My family has noticed changes in me, including my daughters, my husband, and even fellow board members on my non-profit."

I felt like 'something wasn’t right; nothing is wrong, but something isn’t right'. I had been reading books and trying to teach myself, but the program helped to streamline my efforts.

I made the decision to join Breakthrough because I knew I couldn’t go on the same trajectory. I was missing genuine presence - I felt like I was going through the motions and only seeing my daughters in the rearview mirror - I was just driving them around rather than enjoying the time together. I was also looking to get my personal finances in order and stop instantly swiping and bleeding money.

When I made the decision to join, I found myself struggling to invest in myself - fixing my personal finances was a goal of mine, but I knew I only had one life and needed to make a change - I knew I needed help. I told myself 'money will come, but time will not' and couldn’t put a price on my time.

I realized I can be both a mom and an employee AND can get the life I want, not just the job I want. I benefitted most from learning to say 'no' and discovering my legacy with my non-profit.

I have became a better friend, as I now hear my friends differently I am listening better. I have learned to respect time more the importance of foundational balance practices. I feel much closer to my husband and my daughters now.

I now have room to breathe! I really didn’t think I could live like this!

I would recommend the program if you feel like something is missing or feel like you’re in a hamster wheel. Just do it!


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, Dawn

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