Your time-saving toolkit to transform your week from reactive & rushed
to purposeful & present

14 Days to
Calendar Control

I'm Ready for calendar control, Let's go!


Your time-saving toolkit to transform your week from reactive & rushed
to purposeful & present

14 Days to
Calendar Control


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Take Back Your calendar

more free-time & ease TO FOCUS on what matters most

Kind Words

"Restructured my week – making room for daily exercise, meditation, reading, learning, and some precious alone time. I learned that I do have time, when I find the courage to reprioritize."

— jana

You’ve found yourself on the exhausting treadmill of life


You feel weighed-down by the pressure of saying yes to every event.


Your weeks are jam-packed with activities, commitments and responsibilities for weeks (more like months) on end.

So, you find yourself playing whack-a-mole with the most pressing item on the endless to-do list running in your head.

Forget about the summer family vacation months from now. You have to focus on buying a birthday party gift for today’s gathering, which will likely be a stop on the way to the party!


You feel overwhelmed (and exhausted) trying to do too many things for too many people.

Your day starts with hitting the alarm just one more time, kicking off a day of running 5-minutes behind for every single thing on your over-scheduled calendar.

Late out the door, to your meetings and leaving the office. Late to bed after folding one more load of laundry.

Late to sleep after stealing a few minutes for yourself, then starting the exhausting cycle over again the next day.


You feel defeated because despite your best efforts, a sustainable routine feels out of reach.

You start each week with the promise that this is the week it all changes. You’ll start your day without morning chaos. You’ll actually take a lunch break away from your desk.

Heck, you’ll even take the time to start that overdue workout routine. But, Tuesday started with a morning toddler meltdown, you skipped lunch because of double booked meetings and haven’t even thought about a workout.

Your dreams of new week, new you faded faster than the latest planner you bought a few months ago.

lucky for you, I've got one!

You don’t need another planner.

You need a better plan.



use a system to


Build space to

without guilt

learn to say no

Loads of extras (valued at $597), to help you confidently put the strategies you learn into practice.

Value-packed Bonuses

I’ll teach you the same method I use to build a week that protects my most precious resources – my time and my energy.


Exercises to fast-track reclaiming your calendar.

STEP-BY-STEP workbook

Customizable planner pages (exactly like I use) to build a balanced week with ease and focus.

Weekly Planning pages

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be happy to help.

I'm Ready for calendar control!

Kind Words

"This week has been a standout! Got so much done, truly connected with friends and family, and even allowed myself some play and rest. The constant 'should be doing' cloud is finally lifting."

— Kellie

What if I could give you a week that felt lighter?


You feel amazed that there is space for all the things that matter most to you.


You feel at ease moving through your day enjoying room to breathe.


You feel grateful - soaking in precious moments with friends and family.


I'm Ready for calendar control!

Confront the Fears & Feelings that might be making it hard for you to say no to requests or to let go of work that someone else could do (hint: this is a BIG block for a lot of women!)

Build your personal Time Saving Toolkit so you can make room in your week for more of what you WANT to do (while still handling the things that have to be done)

Follow my personal Step-by-Step System to build an intentional week that checks things off your own to do list instead of all your time going to everyone else’s priorities (Hello colleagues who “just need a second”)

Master my SOS Method to give you the confidence and courage to get your calendar out of gridlock (even if you think you have ZERO freedom to let go of a single thing).

Reveal the Mindset Resets that will get you off the hamster wheel of time wasting activities (the ones that keep you running like crazy while going nowhere)

(with support every step of the way)

You’ll learn to apply the exact system I have used for a decade to build a lighter week

60-MINUTE training

I'm Ready for calendar control!


You’ll Get Training, Tools & Support

Video Training

Printable weekly planner pages (pulled straight from my personal toolkit) to build a week filled with ease and focus.

Weekly Planner

Training Workbook

exclusive bonus pack

Make saying no easy with my personalized, simple, adaptable scripts. Set boundaries without guilt.

5-Step Script for Saying No

Hear personalized advice from me as clients start to build their balanced week.

Recorded Coaching Sessions

Quick hacks for daily tasks. Save hours each week dealing with things like clutter, emails, and laundry.

Household Hacks Checklist

Learn the methods I use to consistently build a balanced week that prioritizes what matters most.

valued at $597

Exercises to supplement the training content and help distill the methods into action steps. 

I'm Ready for calendar control!

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Plus value-packed
bonuses to help you
maximize your results

Plus value-packed bonuses to help you maximize your results

Here's everything You get:

60-Minute Calendar Control
On-Demand Training 

limited-time intro


Learn to protect your most valuable resource -
your time and energy

Recorded Coaching Sessions
where I tackle real-world challenges and give personal advice

5-Step Script for Saying No Without Guilt; scripts adaptable to any situation

My Household Hacks Checklist; time-saving tips for daily tasks

Step-by-step system to consistently build a balanced week

Customizable weekly planner pages designed to work in tandem with the system

I'm Ready for calendar control!

I'm Ready for calendar control!

Kind Words

"Revamped my weekly plan, and it hit me – this is going to work! No more chasing distractions; now I confidently say 'not today.' I'm currently, enjoying the rain on my porch, feeling grateful and optimistic."

— christy

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