Building a Business You can Take a Vacation From

Taking a vacation as an employee is fairly easy: Request time off, get it approved and then arrange your travel.

If you’re an entrepreneur, taking time off is a lot more complicated. But you need vacations – especially when you’re working hard every day. In this episode, you’ll find out how to build a business that lets you take time off to recharge (and do it without constantly checking your emails).

, Building a Business You can Take a Vacation From

Show highlights include:

  • Why the most passionate entrepreneurs often fail. (5:25)
  • The first thing to design when starting your business (don’t even build a product or service before you do this). (6:25)
  • Why limiting yourself is crucial in building any business that makes you happier. (9:00)
  • The question that decides whether your business works for you—or you work for your business. (15:05)
  • Why knowing how to get “unstuck” is crucial for any (aspiring) entrepreneur. (21:00)


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