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4 Reasons We Love to Hate Practice

By Cherylanne | March 26, 2015 |
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This morning, my daughter was barely out of bed before she started lamenting the fact that she has to go to  practice tonight. “Mom. Seriously. I need a way to get excited about this.” Then, jubilant, “I’ve got it! I can be excited that I have that new outfit to wear to practice. ” I…

Have Courage and Be Kind – From Cinderella to the Little Mermaid

By Cherylanne | March 19, 2015 |
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My daughter’s school play is this weekend, and for months now, I’ve been a stage mom of the highest order, reveling in the countdown of days (and hours…and minutes…) until the dress rehearsals and performances sweep us up in their delightful whirlwind. There’s nothing quite like production week. This year’s production is The Little Mermaid Jr.…

Resist the allure of the quick fix

By Cherylanne | March 12, 2015 |
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On Wednesday, I was left unchaperoned in a bookstore and found myself browsing the magazine rack – a guilty pleasure I reserve for days without children in tow. I really have a thing for magazines. I need to check myself on the number of subscriptions I allow into the house so I don’t feel guilty when they haven’t all been read…

You can’t schedule a breakthrough

By Cherylanne | March 3, 2015 |
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When I worked for a Fortune 100 company, I ran my entire life on a schedule. Meetings were slotted into 30 or 60 minute windows like clockwork. I started and ended on time. I rarely cancelled and only got a break if someone else did. I was a productivity machine, and frankly, I took great pride in it.…

Will you miss your calling?

By Cherylanne | February 26, 2015 |
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My calling didn’t show up the way I expected it to. There was no flash of lightning or burst of insight, and yet its arrival was unmistakable. This calling was crystal clear. In fact, it came yesterday afternoon via a buzzing cell phone with my mother on the other end of the line and my four year…

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