Are you settling for a B+ life?

Any basketball fans in the house today?

I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that we’d be talking about LeBron James today.

Don’t worry, I actually know next to nothing about his stats on the basketball court, and am certainly not trying to turn into a sports commentator.

What I really want to focus on today is his not-for-profit foundation, and specifically his I Promise program.

Have you heard of it?

If not, indulge me for a minute.

Since 2015, the LeBron James Family Foundation has been working with the University of Akron (in LeBron’s hometown of Akron, Ohio) to provide full college tuition for at-risk high school students who meet specific criteria (i.e. 3.0 grade point average at graduation).

He committed to providing this scholarship opportunity to up to 2,300 students.

And guess what? When you break down the numbers, that’s about $105 million in scholarships.

I mean, wow.

So by now you’re like “umm Cherylanne, how does this story even begin to relate to the title of this email?”

, Are you settling for a B+ life?

We know LeBron is most certainly not settling for a B+ life.

He’s arguably the best basketball player that ever lived.

A lot of times celebrities like LeBron are interviewed, and are asked a question like “what do you think you’d be doing if you didn’t decide to play basketball?”

I personally think the more interesting question is “what do you think these 2,300 kids would be doing if you didn’t decide to play basketball?”

Because his success has had a ripple effect that now includes these children and their current and future families.

It all started with his own dream. But he certainly wouldn’t have the same impact on the world if he hadn’t decided to pursue it.

Think about that.

And even so, after hearing stories like this one, it still feels selfish to focus on our own dreams. It feels like it will take away from our roles as mothers, daughters, wives, and friends. It will take away from what others need from us.

It’s hard for us to look beyond our own B+ lives and consider the upside.

But that’s exactly what I want you to do when you listen to today’s podcast.

After listening, you’re going to be in a far superior position to step up and go from good to great. And you can bring the world right along with you.

Because there is no greater force for good than a woman who is passionate, energized, and laser-focused on what she is here to do on earth.

Here Are The Highlights:

  • Why it’s my life’s mission to get women to step up (7:00)
  • The mind-riddling lies you tell yourself that are preventing you from being the best you can be (8:50)
  • A powerful time rebalancing tip that allows you to wake up every single day with energy and passion for doing what you love (11:15)

If you want to stop settling for less than what’s truly possible and get back on your A-Game, then we are here to help you make that happen.

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