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, Alma

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"Anything that is worth having is worth investing in. I'm so grateful for this program. I am blessed to have been surrounded by these women."

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As moms and as caregivers, we often feel guilty for investing in ourselves because we feel like we're taking away from our family. But in order for us to become more effective for them, we have to invest in ourselves. We have to invest in taking care of ourselves and nourishing our own dreams and our own visions.

I was tired of being stuck, feeling the years were flying by, not really seeing any progress toward the dreams I have had. I felt like I was selling myself short.

Throughout this program, my heart was poured into becoming the woman I want to be. I was able to hone in on my dream and develop a clear action plan to move forward... my dream finally looks attainable because of the Life Map I created!

This is worth WAY more than I invested to be in it, and it was exhilarating!!


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, Alma

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