3 Signs You're Ready for a Career Change | Cherylanne Skolnicki

3 Signs You’re Ready for a Career Change

When it comes to your work, do you ever think it might be time for a change?

But then again, the money is pretty good! Or maybe it’s the benefits. Or what about the flexible schedule – that’s super convenient for your family. Surely another job wouldn’t have these perks.

Or would it?

, 3 Signs You’re Ready for a Career Change

We know the vast majority of us aren’t engaged in our work. But how do we know when it’s time to do something about it? Listen to today’s episode to find out.

Show highlights include:

  • How to find the courage to make a career change (4:27)
  • What to do when you just don’t care about your work (6:06)
  • The shocking truth about liking your job (7:19)
  • How liking your career is an act of service (8:40)
  • Can’t admit you need a change? Try this! (9:40)
  • How your fears are fooling you into keeping your job (11:29)
  • The sneaky way your subconscious is telling you it’s time for a change (14:15)
  • Why “needing” a drink after work may be a sign that you actually need a new career (14:45)
  • What binge watching Netflix is telling you about your career (16:04)
  • Why keeping your job could be damaging your health (17:46)
  • How to “reactivate” your career without changing jobs (20:20)



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