July 2018 | Cherylanne Skolnicki

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Episode #40 – You Really Don’t “Just Need More Time”

There’s a huge misconception that everything in life boils down to having more time. How often have you caught yourself slipping into catchphrases like these? “If only I had more time…” “I just need more time…” “I need a couple more hours to catch up on work…” The majority of people believe everything they want…

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Are you protecting your margins?

I remember the assignment like it was yesterday – a one-page paper for my Comparative Lit professor during my second year at Cornell. “And that one-page limit is FIRM, class. Don’t test me.” After reading, and researching, and note-taking my way through the project in a Diet Snapple-fueled frenzy (this was the 1990’s in New…

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The One Thing Your Boss Will Never Understand

Far too many people suffer in silence by taking on more work than they can handle. But your TRUE capacity is something your boss can’t possibly understand without being with you 24/7. So how do you go about telling your boss that you have too much on your plate without coming across as weak, uncommitted,…

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Do you need some help?

I still remember the first day I paid someone to clean my house. (Gulp.) Before I made the call to hire someone, I had tossed the idea around in my mind for years. I kept telling myself that it was an unnecessary luxury. I really could do it myself. My mother always did and still…

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