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Honoring Milestones – Round 2

With “first day of school” Facebook posts and blogs everywhere this week, I found myself thinking back to this post I wrote last year and I just had to share it again. If you’re sending children off to school this week, how will you honor the milestone, both for them and for yourself? It couldn’t be more…

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Just say YES

“Just say no” has had it’s day in the sun. Remember the 1980’s anti-drug marketing campaign? It was ubiquitous when I was growing up and it certainly stuck with me. In fact, I possibly took it a bit too far and said no to lots of things where I could have (and maybe should have)…

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Life Beyond The Numbers

I used to know how good my day would be before I ever stepped out of the house. My prediction wasn’t based on the weather report or my workload or my social plans; it was tied directly to the number on the scale. Certain numbers guaranteed a spectacular day. Other numbers were a sure sign…

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Finding Oxygen on the High Road

It’s never fun to have your feelings hurt. When someone gets under your skin, whether intentionally or quite by accident, it’s uncomfortable. Our human instinct is to protect ourselves and our emotions. For some of us, that means we want to fight back and for others it means we want to whimper in the corner…

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